Savo Foundation: About Our Work

  1. WASH Program

    • Water treatment especially the SODISwater treatment method
    • water provision and supply (construction of water kiosks ans water ponits and suply of water tanks).
    • Drilling of wells and boreholes especially in the coast Region Tana Delta.
  2. Mobilization, sensitization and creation of awareness

    • Prepares the target communities for projecta nd activity implementation
    • Prepare the communities to participate
    • Prepare the communities to support the activities
    • Prepare the communities for ownership
    • Prepare the community for operation and maintenance of projects
  3. Technical and Community Training

    • Organizes, facilitates and carries out relevant training(water, health,hygiene,sanitation,community and Project training)
    • Carriews out seminars, workshops, field training sesssions
    • Carries out follow-ups and backstopping
  4. Monitoring and Evaluation

    • All our activites have an in-built monitoring sector which establishes both quantitative and qualitative verifiable indicators, bench marks and gap analysis criteria
    • All activities concerning monitoring and evaluatiob will have terms of reference in order to give focus and thoroughness
    • Reports are a must after such execises and are used to guide and modify and or correct implementation processes.
  5. Other management functions and activities including:

    • Project supervision
    • Project public relations
    • Writing proposals and reports

Current Activities: Environmental Management

Savo Foundation Documentary

porvety eradication

SAVO foundation has been engaging with community, children and youth groups in order to eradicate extreme poverty in Kibera.

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Ecosystem and Biodiversity

SAVO foundation engaging in eco-system management, community awareness, good waste disposal and proper drainage systems for kibera community.

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sanitation initiative

SAVO foundation aims to reduce the occurrence of water borne diseases by making sure every household and schools consume treated water for healthier life.

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health and Hygiene

SAVO foundation has been engaging with community and youth groups in order to eradicate extreme poverty in Kibera.