Our Objective

The organization’s overall objective is to transform and impact lives of the community and society at large living in deplorable conditions in the informal settlements through offering sustainable and viable development services that aim to empower them on leadership towards becoming self dependence in all aspect of lives.

WASH program

Wash is defined as water,sanitation and hygiene or health. This is a program that is carried out at household level and school level in order to improve different aspects in community development.

  • Project 1:  Water Provision and Treatment
  • Project 2:  School mentorship on hygiene
  • Project 3:  Sanitation blocks

Water and Sanitation Hygiene projects

Water Provision and Treatment

It is the need in our daily life therefore water is life SAVO foundation aims to reduce the occurrence of the water borne diseases by making sure that every household and the school consume treated water so as to eliminate microorganisms present in the contaminated water

SAVO foundation practices this through a method called SODIS meaning solar disinfection SODIS water treatment uses solar radiation light and temperature to destroy pathogenic bacteria and virus present in the water that could diseases.

It is Done by filling a PET plastic bottle with water fully to the brim and than exposing it to sun light for 6hours if not 24 hours on a sunny day. The pathogenic destroyed during the exposure of the water to sun with this method of water treatment is safe 99% therefore ready for consumption.

We also distribute free PET bottle with no charges to schools and households which reduces financial cost for consuming treated water.

Water tanks

SAVO foundation is a charitable organization and its mandate is to save life of the community and bring positive change to communities, individual, household, school and groups in the society. All our services are aimed at developing and benefiting the society, in this case we offer water tanks to communities, schools and groups that are partnering with us.

School mentor-ship on hygiene

Our mission is to create health education and awareness to school children and the society. We educate them on various topics related to

  • Personal hygiene and safety
  • Environmental hygiene
  • SODIS method

By doing this we are strengthening different mechanisms of preventing occurrence of diseases in schools since primary disease prevention is better than curative.

We have done this for some time now and the children are developing best practices on various health topics been taught and the outcome is quite good.

Sanitation blocks

We also constructed sanitation blocks for the community, schools and youth groups that are partnering with us. We have so far accomplished to construct 8 community and youth sanitation blocks with provision of 5 water tanks