Our Objective

The organization’s overall objective is to transform and impact lives of the community and society at large living in deplorable conditions in the informal settlements through offering sustainable and viable development services that aim to empower them on leadership towards becoming self dependence in all aspect of lives.

Water and Sanitation Hygiene (WASH)

WASH is the collective term for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene. Due to their interdependent nature, these three core issues are grouped together to represent a growing sector. While each a separate field of work, each is dependent on the presence of the other. For example, without toilets, water sources become contaminated; without clean water, basic hygiene practices are not possible.

Water, Sanitation, Hygiene/Health


Savo Foundation’s work in water focuses on the ability for children to access safe water, the quality of the water they can access and the journey they must take to collect it. Savo Foundation is at the forefront of exploring innovative ways to access water, and building climate resistant infrastructure around Kibera.


For sanitation, Savo Foundation works to ensure access and use of basic toilets and ways to separate human waste from contact with people. One important area of work for sanitation is to end the practice of “open defecation,” and facilitate community-led initiatives to build, maintain and use basic toilets.


Savo Foundation’s work in hygiene is aimed at nurturing good hygiene practices, especially hand-washing with soap. Although it sounds simple, this act is essential to prevent disease and the health of children.

All three areas in WASH support and strengthen one another. If one is missing, the others cannot progress.